The Border Paranormal Society of Nogales, Arizona

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Welcome to the Border Paranormal Society Web Page. Bienvenidos a la página web de Border Paranormal.

(Para nuestras visitas de habla Hispana, les invitamos a dirigirse al enlace "En Español" en el paño de navegación al lado izquierdo.) 

We created this site for those of us that are interested in learning about the local Ghost lore.

If this is your aim, then you have arrived at the right place. Welcome to the Border Paranormal Society Web Page, your source for all that is Ghosts and Hauntings in Nogales, Arizona and surrounding communities.

We are a research group of experienced *Non-Scientific Paranormal enthusiasts based right here in beautifull Nogales. Do you believe that you might have encountered a Ghost or Spirit in your home or place of business ? We ask that you please get in touch with us. We conduct discreet and confidential investigations. Our time and services are always FREE of charge.

The purpose of this web site is to inform and educate our visitors interested in the local folklore. Together we'll visit a home in downtown Nogales where the spirit of a long dead soldier is still hiding in the basement; a hotel where a housekeeper many years dead asks to clean your room (in the middle of the night); In a lonely stretch of road, a group of High School teens killed while road racing in the late 1950's still plead to late night passers by to be taken in to town. These and many more stories await you as you dare to enter the Border Paranormal Website.

Your feedback is important , so be sure to eMail us your questions, comments and your local ghost stories. Just click on the "Make Contact" tab located in the left navigation pane. We value your input.

We cordially invite you to step in and look arround. Explore all you want.

......... You're not scared, are you ?

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* What we mean by Non-Scientific:

Presently,  a good portion of  Paranormal Research Groups rely on  some type of electronic system to detect the presence of spirits, such as EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Detectors, Infrared video cameras, motion detecting sensors, laser thermometers, geiger counters and a host of other gadgets meant for the same purpose.

We do not consider any of these devices to be accurate detectors of paranormal activity. In our own investigations, we do however use digital cameras and digital voice recorders. As this systems can readily either visualy or audibly show evidence of an unseen prescence.

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